Almost Makes Me Believe

John Schlitt

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All my life I've been a logical man
But I've seen things I just don't understand
Feeling with feelings I never though I would
I don't understand it but it sure feels good

Can't feel with... Or see with my eyes
But there's a truth I've got to realize
I've always been blind, but now I can see
It almost makes me believe in a miracle

Dreaming and steaming however I could
Not really doing the things that I should
Just doing whatever I could to get by
Couldn't find my way no matter how hard I tried

Didn't know I was lost, didn't know I was blind
Till You opened my eyes with the light You shine
When I found Your love it made everything new
It almost makes me believe in a miracle

I've never been wise, I've never been smart
But now my life has got a brand new start
It's not in my head, but it's deep in my heart
It almost makes me believe in a miracle



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